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Nelson River Adventures Inc.

A True North Experience

This Is Our Story

Nelson River Adventures began operation in ____ as a way for Clint, the owner operator, to ______

Boat tour to York Factory

Offering trusted boat tours & canoe pickup services for 10+ years

Wildlife Adventure

Journey into the rugged Manitoba wilderness from Gillam to Hudson Bay, and you may spot Polar Bears, Black Bears, Seals, Beluga Whales, Moose, Caribou, Timber Wolves, Eagles, and more that call it home.

Historic Site

Along the way you will travel through one of Canada's vital river routes, down the Nelson River, into Hudson Bay and into the mouth of the Hayes River. You will tour York Factory Historic Site which was built in 1832.  

Local Expert Guide

The owner and operator of Nelson River Adventures Inc. has 10+ years of experience conducting boat tours and canoe group pick-ups on the Nelson & Hayes Rivers.

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