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Paddling to York Factory NHS?

Every year there are adventurers that paddle for weeks on end to arrive at York Factory NHS. They start their journeys in places like Norway House, Winnipeg, Lake Superior or even Minneapolis.

They arrive at the York Factory National Historic Site with stories to tell, pictures to share and a well deserved sense of accomplishment as this paddle is no easy feat. 

How we can help:

- We ensure safe and reliable transportation from the York Factory site into Gillam Manitoba for you and your gear

- We transport you and your gear to the Gillam train, your vehicle, or to a Gillam hotel pending your travel arrangements.

- We love to hear stories of your adventures & we are happy to be a small leg of your journey.

Are you looking to start your paddle within Northern Manitoba and require a vehicle shuttle service to either drop you off at your starting point, or someone to bring your vehicle up to Gillam?


Howling Wolf Tours is based in Thompson Manitoba and can provide the vehicle shuttle you require.  Their contact is: Geoff Greenfield at (204) 679-3990 , 

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