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2024 Season

For the upcoming 2024 season our York Factory tour is an overnight stay which allows for increased time to explore the historic site and increased flexibility with the Hudson Bay tide levels.    

Dates available are: June 24th - 28th July 9th - 12th, July 15th - 16th, July 23rd - 26th, August 12th - 13th, August 21st - 23rd, August 26th - 27th, and September 5th - 6th.

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**All dates listed above will have a later departure allowing you to drive from

Thompson Manitoba on the morning of your scheduled tour. 

Overnight trip to York Factory is $1025 per person. 

Canoe & kayak pickups are $900 per person

-> Please review the additional Parks Canada fees .

-> Parks Fees will be included on your invoice as a separate line item. 

Booking ahead of time is crucial to save your seat on the boat. 

Please note that each tour is unique and timing is scheduled around the daily tides.

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