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York Factory National Historic Site

Indigenous Acknowledgment 

The York Factory National Historic Site is known as 'Kischi Wáskáhikan' in the local Cree language and the site has a long history with the local indigenous peoples as they had lived and prospered here for centuries. After the depot had closed, the York Factory First Nation people were relocated from York Factory 'Kischi Wáskáhikan' to York Landing 'Kawéchiwásik' in the 1950's.

To learn more please watch the video 'York Factory First Nation Oral History: Ininewak of Northeastern Manitoba' and read 'Voices from Hudson Bay: Cree Stories from York Factory' compiled by Flora Beardy and  Robert Coutts. 


The York Factory National Historic Site is located in the Hudson Bay wilderness at the mouth of the Hayes River, approximately 250 kilometers south of Churchill Manitoba. The landscape is comprised of marsh and boreal forest. The historic site designation refers to the landscape, archaeological and the built resources associated with the site. The site itself is composed of 250-hectares including the depot ruins and the still standing Hudson Bay Compound. 

The site first began construction in the 17th century and operated for over 250 years acting as a hub for the fur trade, and the gateway to the interior for the British settlers, soldiers and trade goods. 

Site Tour

Parks Canada provides the grounds tour of the York Factory National Historic Site.

Tour is approx. 2.5 hours. 

Fees are listed at bottom of page.

Options for staying overnight

Camping at the site is allowed only within the fenced compound.

Options for overnight stays are in the cabin or tenting:

Fees are listed at bottom of page.


Amenities are rustic and include:

1.        Bunk beds with mattresses (sleeps 8 total) and clean mattress covers

2.        Polar Bear proof fencing

3.        Electricity run by generator

4.        Outhouses nearby

5.        Small table and chairs inside and picnic table outside

6.        Firepit

7.        Windows with screens

8.        Potable water is supplied by Parks Canada staff for drinking

9.        Radio supplied for safety

10.     Polar Bear guard to escort you to the fenced camping/cabin compound.


Camping at the site is allowed only within the fenced compound. 

Tenting supplies are not provided. 

Parks Canada Fees

Ground tour by Parks Canada is $42.86 per person. 

Tenting fee is $12.75 per person per night

Rustic cabin fee is $26.75 per person per night 

York Factory Pin or Patch $10 each. 

Please note that the Parks Canada fee(s) are not included with the Nelson River Adventures Inc. fee.

All pricing is in CAD.

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