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My Wilderness Adventure to York Factory, Manitoba

"When asked about my favourite experience in Manitoba, York Factory was it".... read more


York Factory with Nelson River Adventures

"4-5 seals watched and teased us from the waters of the river."... read more

Dene Sinclair Blogspot

Journey to York Factory (Part Two)

"This meant not more than 25 to 30 visitors per year.  In 2016, more than 260 people visited."... read more

NorWest Historian


"Our journey to the site was just as amazing as the site itself, we opted to travel by boat so we arranged our trip with Clint from Nelson River Adventures. "... read more

Manitoba Museum

The new jet set

"Nelson River Adventures, has opened up the historic site to the casual tourist."... read more

Winnipeg Free Press

Journey to York Factory (Part One)

"We sighted several polar bears. Two of them were swimming in the Bay about 10 km from shore"... read more

NorWest Historian

Leaving on a jet boat: Nelson River Adventures

" tourists and their cameras will be treated to white water rapids, the Northern Manitoba landscape, and an array of wildlife,"... read more

Thompson Citizen

How to Paddle the Nelson River to Hudson Bay

"Nelson River Estuary at Hudson Bay supports the world’s largest population of beluga whales."... read more

USA Today

Canada’s York Factory: a key historic site marooned in wilderness

"I half expect to hear creaking and yelling and to open a wooden door and find that it’s still 1852, with workers pressing furs into bales"... read more

Financial Times